Monday, 11 July 2011

Legends, myths and fairy tales

We've all heard the werewolf legends, a full moon's light drifted upon the bodies of men and how they lose control. How they become a creature that is neither fully man nor fully beast, blood thirsty creatures that will tear you apart.
Human’s remains and wolf attacks in areas where wolves didn't exist raised chatter and caused people to created idea’s, yet no human dared to point fingers.
No in fact they were all afraid of the creature, of the claws, of the fangs and of the eyes.
Yeah, we've all heard those stories and myths. What they forgot to tell us was the truth. The truth about the creatures that sent shivers down your spines or the nightmares under your bed, as they are now known as.
Or that is what we know them as.
In this world, there is no good to come from creatures of the darkness. There is no hope for the possessed or the ones of wrong doing
And there is a possibly were all going to hell always.
But these creatures are just make believe, right? Just something parents and grandparent tell to children to make them behave. Something like:  'Kyle, if you don’t listen to mommy the bogey man will come and get you at night' and worst part is it actually works.
That’s right it’s just something created from the human mind, there are no real witches who cast magic because it’s all pretend, the vampires are all dead and buried down in the dark ground and the only 'werewolves' are the humans that pretend to be such creatures.
Or that's what they believe
Just like the idea that we can believe in heaven or somewhere better. It is amusing watching these people run around looking for something more.
Yes we've all heard the myths and fairy tales, we all know about the stories and where it came from and we all have our fears of such beast.
And we all know people destroy what they fear.

But the truth is these creatures do exist today(a lot more then you would think) and have existed in the past in every society, every culture, every people.
That is the only truth I have been raised to know and believe. Yes that is the truth I wish I would have never known.